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Puppy Preschool

Puppy Preschool is designed to socialise the puppies, teach owners why puppies do what they do and teach some vital skills needed for adult life. Puppy School is an essential first step for any owner wanting a well socialised, confident and well-mannered furry family member. 

When and why?

At Rose Park Veterinary Surgery, Puppy Preschool is designed for puppies aged 8-12weeks old. It is crucial to teach puppies these life skills while they are young as it is an important development period for them and an age that they are beginning to explore in an accepting manner. This makes it ideal for puppies to explore new experiences and situations such as new sounds (hair dryer, vacuum cleaner, thunder), new sights (bikes, different people, umbrellas), and new smells (new puppies, new places), in a safe and controlled environment like puppy school. It is also crucial to teach puppies about other sized and shaped dogs as well as how different dogs behave, react and play.

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What do classes involve?

All our classes are run using the rewards based system. During your 4-week puppy school, your puppy will socialise and interact with other puppies and humans. They will also gain exposure to many different smells, sounds and sights as well as learning so many skills.

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Join our next class!

Our classes are run by qualified trainers at Rose Park Vet, from 7pm until 8pm in our large waiting room. With 5 puppies maximum per class, it’s essential to book your puppy into a class as soon as possible.  Please contact us to enquire about our next start date.