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Kitten Proofing the House

So, you’ve decided to get a new kitten! Congratulations, it’s such an exciting time bringing them home, but before you do, there are some important things you will need to organise around the house to ensure you have created a safe environment for them.

Cats are very inquisitive creatures by nature and will get into anything they can get their little paws on. Some of their favourite past times are to jump up on shelves and benches and knock everything off. If you don’t want your ornaments or valuables broken, it’s best to secure them behind closed doors. This is even more important if you like lighting candles, if your kitten knocks off a lit candle it can result in a fire. So make sure you don’t light them behind closed doors or in confined spaces.

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Kittens love to get in high places, they will claw their way up your curtains, screen doors and fly screens. Make sure you keep all windows and doors shut, and maybe consider changing your curtains to blinds.

Cords and electrical wires may seem like a fun thing to play with or chew on, however, this can be dangerous, not only to your kitten’s health, but also your house. Make sure all cords and loose wires are covered and out of reach from your kitten. They especially like to hide around the TV and speakers, and even inside your couch.

Cleaning chemicals, certain medications and pesticides are poisonous to our furry friends, make sure they are up high on a shelf that is secure behind closed doors, make sure the doors remain closed.

There are also a range of plants that are toxic, it is important to know what they are to ensure your kitten is safe. Click here for a detailed list of all the common toxins and poisons your pet can be exposed to.

Kittens like to play with a range of things they shouldn’t; think strings, ribbons, hair ties, rubber bands, sewing supplies, board game pieces and erasers. Be sure to keep these items out of sight, you don’t want them swallowing something they shouldn’t. Also beware of plastic bags, they can be dangerous and become a choking hazard.

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Due to their inquisitive nature, you will find your kitten will like to get into the dryer, washing machine and dishwasher. It is important to keep these doors closed at all times, you don’t want to lose your feline friend to household appliances. Also, beware of hotplates, they can burn your kittens paws if they decide to walk on them.

If you have trouble keeping your kitten out of rooms they shouldn’t be in, consider sectioning off rooms by keeping doors closed. You could also keep your kitten in a separate room while they are home alone. Make sure you provide plenty of good distractions such as cat friendly toys and treats, and most importantly a scratching post and plenty of suitable places for them to hide.

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