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When our animals are left at home by themselves all day without stimulation, it can lead to boredom, under stimulation and problem behaviours such as digging, barking and destructive behaviours. To alleviate boredom and to reduce the risk of destruction, it is important to keep our pets both mentally and physically stimulated throughout the day.

Fluffy dog with pile of toys to play with

A large backyard for your dog to play in isn’t enough to keep the wellbeing of your pet and to keep them happy and entertained. We need to fill the backyard with activities to provide them with mental stimulation to help give your dog a ‘job’ to do for the day, meaning your dog is more content and relaxed while you’re away. There are a large range of treat dispensing toys available so your animal needs to ‘work’ for their meal rather than getting it in a boring bowl. Toys such as the Kong, Kong Wobbler, maze treat balls and other treat puzzles. Homemade toys are also great such as milk cartons filled with food, egg cartons filled with food or frozen blocks of ice with food hidden inside.

Watch the following videos of these toys in action!!


Hide and Seek

Dogs LOVE to sniff things out. Hiding their toys and treat dispensing toys around the house and yard so your pet has to sniff them out can give them another ‘job’ to do to keep them busy. Rotating the toys so they don’t get bored of the same ones can also help keep them amused. Watch Maya sniffing out treats in her snuffle mat!

Sand Pit

Is your dog landscaping your backyard? Digging is a natural behaviour for a dog, so help your dog by teaching them the appropriate places to dig! Filling a clam shell with sand and hiding some toys into the sand pit will encourage them to dig in the sandpit rather than your rose bushes. You can also fill a shell with water or ice for them to wade in over summer.


Red kong dog treat toy

Kong Recipes

Fruit Salad

Veggie Kong Omelette

Banana Rama


Mash up banana in a bowl, add wheat germ and yogurt. Mix all together and use spoon to place into Kong.

Freeze for 4 hours.

Serving size for 1 Medium sized Kong – Double ingredients for every larger Kong size.  

Steak treat


Place steak into Kong and block up end with wet food.

Bahama Mama


Mix dry ingredients together, then add wet. Spoon into Kong and freeze

Max Hearty Hero

This recipe will fill several Kongs depending on the sizes.


Mix all ingredients together in a bowl, spoon mixture into Kongs and freezes

Berry Blast

Black dog with red kong chew toy


NOTE: Please store your treats in a suitable container to prevent spoilage.  Treats should be only 10% of a dog’s daily intake and best to speak to your veterinarian if your dog is a suitable candidate.