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Nail Clipping

Clipping nails can be one of the most difficult and frustrating jobs to be done however, it is essential to keep your pets feet in working condition. Nails that are too long can tear, break and even become ingrown into the pads, which causes extreme pain and discomfort.

Start gently when your pet is relaxed with you and only clip a small amount off - basically just the sharp point. As you get more confident over time you can clip further down the nail. If you clip too far and cut the quick inside the nail it will bleed and it always looks like a huge amount of blood. Don't worry - stop clipping and put your pet outside on the lawn and it will soon stop of its own accord. Holding a tissue to the bleeding nail often makes it bleed more.

Remember that the easiest way to keep nails trim is to exercise your dog on hard surfaces such as bitumen or paving for a short time - then the only nails you should need to trim are the front dew claws (thumbs).

For cats you can offer a lot of scratching poles around the house or if they are anything like mine, they’ll help themselves to your furniture…

If you are not comfortable trimming nails then please come in and we will do them for you and give you a lesson at the same time!