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Diagnostic Testing and Pathology Services

Rose Park Veterinary Surgery is equipped with both digital radiography and diagnostic ultrasound.

Digital radiography (x-rays) is a painless and non-invasive way in helping us diagnose and understand the health of your pet. It is a vital diagnostic tool in a wide range of health conditions from orthopaedic disease, to problems associated with the heart, lungs and abdominal organs.

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Our in-house ultrasound machine is another useful instrument in diagnosing a range of soft tissue diseases including the heart, chest cavity and abdominal organs.

Because dogs have to remain still for these procedures, your pet will often be sedated or anaesthetised when they are performed.

Our clinic is also equipped with in-house pathology equipment including blood testing and microscopy. Having these onsite often allows us to make a prompt diagnosis and treatment plan at the time of your appointment. For more complex conditions, we also engage the services of external veterinary laboratories.

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Pre-anaesthetic blood testing

At Rose Park Veterinary Surgery, we offer pre-anaesthetic blood testing for cats and dogs undergoing anaesthesia and certain types of sedation. This is important for seemingly healthy pets as well as pets where we suspect that underlying disease may be present. The main reasons why pre-anaesthetic blood testing is recommended are:

Pre-anaesthetic blood testing allows us to obtain vital information about the underlying health of your pet which helps us to provide the best level of veterinary care possible.