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Medicating Your Pet

Have you ever had trouble medicating your pet?? Many pet owners struggle with this necessary task. Particularly cat owners.


Dog being given treat from owner

When your Veterinarian needs to medicate your pet always be honest and tell them if you cannot do it. We can then make alternative decisions on our treatment plan dependant on what you can do. We can also show you how it is done and let you give it a try.

Fortunately, we now have some easier ways to get medications into your pet.


Cat getting medicine from owner

Some medications come in palatable oral forms that are simply placed onto food. Some injections come in long acting forms - even antibiotics that last up to 2 weeks. Some tablets come in chewable tasty forms. Some medications only need to be given once a day – others twice a day.

Eye ointments and ear ointments can be tricky to administer – let us show you how! It’s worth asking as you may need to administer them up to 4 times a day.

Compounding pharmacies can also prepare medicines in forms that can be placed on the skin of the inner ear and absorbed that way or add flavours to traditional medicines for those finicky eaters.

Remember that medications dispensed need to be given correctly and for the desired time period in order for your pet to recover well.

If you have trouble medicating your pet, then simply tell us and we will try to choose something more suitable for your pet.