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Anal Glands

Impacted and smelly, anal glands are seen on a near daily basis by your Veterinarian. Not only are they unpleasant for you to be around, they are also very uncomfortable for your pet! Blocked anal glands often lead to serious infection and an abscess if left for too long.

Dog Anal Gland


What does a blocked anal gland present like?

What are anal glands and why do they get blocked?

Anal glands are used by dogs to mark their faeces with their own special scent. Anal glands usually get blocked when your pet is over-weight, sedentary, and if your pet’s poos are too small. They mainly block when there is inadequate fibre in the diet. Exercise also helps by moving poo through the digestive tract faster so the colon doesn’t shrink it by absorbing too much water on the way out.

How to help prevent blocked anal glands: